How to Delete iSMS Task Scheduler with PHP Code

iSMS Australia Task Scheduler increases job efficiency by scheduling a specific time to deliver bulk SMS to a group of people without having to login into the system.

However, you can easily remove task scheduler at any time with any reason. Remove the task scheduler when a specific marketing campaign has expired. There’s nothing more frustrating for a customer than showing up to a business expecting an offer only to find that it has expired.

In this tutorial, the sample codes provided will enable your application or system to delete "Task Schedulers" by ID.

1. Create a PHP file in Notepad++ or HTML editor.

2. Copy and paste the sample code provided on the right and replace the following information with your iSMS Australia account details.

  • username
  • password
  • your mobile number

You will be able to view your Task Scheduler listing by navigating to SMS > Task Scheduler at the main navigation menu.

3. To obtain SCID of the Task Scheduler, copy the ID from the browser's address bar.

Task Scheduler with PHP

4. Replace the SCID value into the PHP coding.

Sample PHP Coding


$username = "isms";
$password = "isms";
$scid = 56442;
$action = "delete";

$sendlink = "".urlencode($username)."		 	&pwd=".urlencode($password)."&

fopen($sendlink, "r");


HTTPS Result

Upload the file to this web server and run it on your preferred web browser. The PHP coding will then initiate a HTTPS request and promp a new wnidow. The following information will be displayed on your web browser's address bar. 
Task Scheduler with PHP

The information above will be removed once you've refreshed the page.