International SIM Card Hosting is your perfect option for you to keep in touch with internationally located customers. Send and receive SMS from your clients by using your opted mobile number from any countries in the world.

All you need to do is provide your mobile SIM Card (any mobile networks of your choice) to iSMS Australia. The number given will then be used as a dedicated phone number for your Bulk SMS application.

If you own a business outside Australia, its more likely that you would maintain a foreign SIM number to run your company. Our gateways are capable of sending out bulk text messages on behalf of your SIM card number. All replies will therefore reach your SIM card and will be forwarded to your chosen route including HTTP, HTTPS, SMS or email through a specific protocol.

To make use of this service, just simply supply a SIM Card from any telecommunication service providers (Telco) and we will host it for you. The SIM card will then linked to our SMS gateway, copies of SMS marketing messages that are sent to your clients will be forwarded to your iSMS account, mobile phone or your database server's URL.

This is the most cost effective way as there are unlimited keywords, keyphrases, sub-keywords and sub-keyphrases that you can create on the SIM number.

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