What is Bulk SMS Marketing?

Bulk SMS Marketing Campaign is a powerful SMS marketing tool that used by several companies to deliver large numbers of SMS messages to mobile phone terminals. It is much more efficient than e-mail marketing, highly effective for reaching out not only to customer, but employees and business partners.

iSMS Australia service is easy to use and efficient enough to bring your company's sales goal to the next level. Although social media platform is quite common to all marketers for business purposes, we must also know that SMS messages will have higher readability rate than the social media.

Many people tend to have their mobile devices within reach but they may not be on the social media sites 24/7. However, most of the mobile phone users will check SMS notifications (almost 90% of the time) as they know that messages delivered is important and highly unlikely to be spam due to tight regulations.

Mobile messenger app is commonly known as one of the most widely used platform for customer engagement. However, not everyone can use the mobile application or be able to own a smartphone. iSMS Australia still remains a great option as receivers are not required to register or install any third party services to receive the SMS. In fact, ALL mobile phones come with SMS feature are capable of receiving it.

iSMS Australia is one of the best PC-to-mobile online application for marketers to send SMS in Australia. Corporate SMS is one of the most effective method to keep your customers as it provides reminders, promotional information and new product launch SMS to your customers. This is because most of them believe that SMS marketing will be the greater way to strengthen new and existing customer relationships. Bulk SMS marketing service is suitable for:

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