SMS Group Messaging with Bulk SMS Australia

Group Message means sending message to two or more person at a time. Sending group message is easy than you imagine. Begin with group name creation and add in contacts, no limits on how many contacts in a group.

SMS messages will be charged based on the total number of SMS you delivered. For instance, if the group contains a list of 20 contacts, you will only charged for 20 SMS. However, you can always receive the incoming messages for FREE.

Identifying Your Customer

Bulk SMS group messaging is an ideal way to expand your social network and business. It can help you save time and effort compared to conventional marketing products. It is not a major issue for you to send out hundreds or even thousands of messages in a single day. By just using a keyword, you will be able to send messages to your SMS group instantly. By using just a keyword, you can send messages to your entire SMS group instantly.

In order to have more effective SMS marketing, segment your client contacts into different messaging groups. All privacy matters, contact information and message details wil be treated seriously in iSMS Australia. Users' details are kept confidential. It will not be used for any other malicious purpose.